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28th & 29th April 2022, 7:30pm


Laurels Theatre in Whitley Bay

Founded by award-winning theatre producer Jamie Eastlake and writer and filmmaker Stephen Robertson, Laurels aims to provide a hub for artists and tapas lovers alike along the North East coast. 

With live theatre, visual arts and comedy coming to life in our theatre space, and tapas doing the rounds in our bar - we aim to bring the folk of the bay together. Allowing everyone an opportunity to access art and yummy food, in a chilled out, accessible space.


Standard: £15

Concession: £9

Group rate for school trips available on enquiry.

For the last six months Gina’s worked as a therapist in a prison for super-villains, determined to turn every last one of them into a hero. This audacious fusion of comic-book energy, theatricality and shadow puppets is her story.


Follow Gina as she plunges into the Powered Offenders Institute, and is forced to question everything she believes in. Her charges include King Cobra; a female drug lord peddling hallucinogens, Lady Injustice; two college kids fused into one body, and Ink Lord; able to bring art to life, and angry enough to burn the world down.


From Daddy issues (that therapy staple) to toxic masculinity, queerness, classism, and mental health, Gina grapples with problems she’s ill-equipped to face. Will they see the error of their ways? Or is the error Gina’s in thinking they’re redeemable? 


Join us for a play exploring redemption, rehabilitation and the nature of evil (but funny)

★★★★★Always Time for Theatre

★★★★1/2 Comedy to Watch

★★★★London Theatre 1

★★★★London Pub Theatres


DOLLS IN AMBER was founded by a couple of geeky women, excited by the challenge of making genre theatre on a dime. Queer and female-led, we aim to put non straight-white-male narratives front and centre in stories where we're usually relegated to eye-candy or canon fodder (that's if we exist at all.) We see zero reason why LGBT+/women/non-binary people shouldn’t get in on superhero, spaceship or sorcerer-based shenanigans and delight in telling stories that audiences wouldn't expect to see without a tonne of CGI. We produce fun, escapist, thought-provoking, and critically acclaimed theatre.


Artwork by KC Lylark @spill_think.