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Livia Rita: Futura Glitch & Workshop

28th May 2022


Laurels Theatre in Whitley Bay

Founded by award-winning theatre producer Jamie Eastlake and writer and filmmaker Stephen Robertson, Laurels aims to provide a hub for artists and tapas lovers alike along the North East coast. 

With live theatre, visual arts and comedy coming to life in our theatre space, and tapas doing the rounds in our bar - we aim to bring the folk of the bay together. Allowing everyone an opportunity to access art and yummy food, in a chilled out, accessible space.

Dress code: You in your most mystical form



Doors 8pm

Start 8:30pm 

End 10:30pm


MUSIC ꧂ ๑❀*


INSTA ꧂ ๑❀*



Livia Rita is going on a UK Tour with their upcoming debut album concert FUGA FUTURA, following its premiere as part of Sadler's Wells Wild Card

Uniting mystic eco-pop with self-designed ArtFashion and otherworldly dance, Livia Rita ignites the supernatural powers that lie within us. The ethereal melodies create alliances across all cosmic and earthly species and open the portal to an alternate reality - FUTURA.

This concert experience creates a space for cross-pollination together with the Avantgardeners and a community coven. We invite you to this glitch in reality; to gaze sensually into the future and cast a spell over our new domain.

Join the ritualistic creation of this creature filled world of entrancing fantasy-horror, where nature rebels and dark magic surrounds…

This multi-arts concert evening features haze, flashing lights and loud music. This event will have seating options available. If you would like to attend the show but lack funds- please contact us at, we have a number of discount and free tickets available. This event is welcoming to all identities and stands against discrimination or harrassment of any kind.


2 hours (eg 2-4pm / 3-5pm)

Tickets: £7.50, Pay What You Can tickets available

10-20 participants


Led by the Avantgardeners


As part of their FUTURA Glitch tour, Livia Rita and the Avantgardeners Community will host a workshop on the intersections between arts and activism, empowering action in a time of debilitating climate anxiety and despair. This world-building workshop has been developed with visual anthropologist Tamara Hart, who adopts play as a methodology to explore practices of social remapping. 


Adopting role-play as a tool, the workshop will guide players through a set of earthly rituals to build a temporary metacommunity. Metacommunities are sets of local communities linked by the dispersal of multiple, interacting species. In the context of play, these are mutually fictional communities that link interacting players. The workshop invites players to contribute to the ever-shifting ecology of FUTURA, a cross-species mythology continually mutated in its dreaming of alternate existences. A queer membrane where multiple temporalities co-exist, FUTURA weaves together dreams, desires and collective practices of care. The goal of this session is to create a collective toolkit to hack social ecology through play, allowing temporary worlds to come into being.


To attend, please send your name and your deepest desire / dream to: Participants will be required to perform light movement and vocalize their dreams in a collective setting.  


*This workshop is a gentle precursor to the FUTURA Glitch evenings, drawing on cross-species future identities and characters from its mythological world, which explores themes of queer utopias and environmental dystopias. Discounted show tickets are offered alongside workshop tickets. No prior experience or knowledge is required.