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comedy plays & sketches

Have an idea for a class play with lots of laughs? We’re looking for submissions for new writing from comedic writers which need a platform. The North East is a hub of comedy talent. We are looking to develop the comedy play stars of the future. We want to provide funding and develop your show in house.


You’ll have full use of Laurel’s for rehearsals and performances, funding and support from our in-house producing team.  Starting your show’s journey at Laurel’s could get your show noticed by an equally mint producer to carry it further, our main aim with this scheme is to get stories told that need to be told. We want people to see new and exciting stuff so we are taking it upon ourselves to break down the barriers in the industry. 

We’re particularly keen to hear about work relating to the North East but if you have any kind of idea unrelated to the North East that you think is great, we still want to hear it! 

Fill out the application form and send submissions to We promise to read, consider and reply to every single one. 

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