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What is Laurels Club Creative?


We're so excited to announce Laurels Club Creative!

Laurels prides itself on its support of local and upcoming creatives. Therefore, we're looking for creatives who want to use our building to work on their own unique artistic discipline in association with Laurels Theatre.

The exclusive artistic membership includes: 

  • Full use of our rehearsal space/theatre & upstairs lounge for the development of work.

  • All work developed in the building will be supported by our experienced in-house creatives. Whether that be providing a writer with a book launch and a spot in our library, a filmmaker the space to develop their ideas and screen their film in our theatre, a theatre maker a performance run in our theatre, or a chance to join the team in our in house productions. An artist with a workspace and an exhibition. Whatever the artistic discipline, we will work to platform you.

  • All creatives in association with Laurels Club Creative will receive a profile on our website, under Laurels Club Creative Associates in which a creative portfolio will be developed.

  • Discounts on tickets, food and drink.


and more!



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