4th & 5th May 2022, 7:30pm


Laurels Theatre in Whitley Bay

Founded by award-winning theatre producer Jamie Eastlake and writer and filmmaker Stephen Robertson, Laurels aims to provide a hub for artists and tapas lovers alike along the North East coast. 

With live theatre, visual arts and comedy coming to life in our theatre space, and tapas doing the rounds in our bar - we aim to bring the folk of the bay together. Allowing everyone an opportunity to access art and yummy food, in a chilled out, accessible space.


Standard: £7

Concession: £5

Cassie and Georgie are just two insignificant individuals until, out of the blue, they are landed with a minor responsibility: taking over the world.


From taking minutes to taking charge, they must find creative solutions for the biggest global issues. But do they have what it takes to handle this almighty responsibility?


Named one of the ‘Best Duos at the Fringe’ by the Scotsman, Thick ‘n’ Fast return to explore what would happen if the planet took the unexpected decision to appoint them in charge of everything. What should they tackle first? Climate change? Gender equality? Getting killer outfits? And how will they avoid the pitfalls that have befallen so many leaders before them? After all, absolute power corrupts absolutely, right?


Created in association with Applecart Arts.

‘Satirical gold, this duo should be on Netflix’ - ★★★★ – The Spectator