The BonBons Cabaret

The House of Love Presents


friday 27th August, 9:30 pm

Laurels Theatre in Whitley Bay

Founded by award-winning theatre producer Jamie Eastlake and writer and filmmaker Stephen Robertson, Laurels aims to provide a hub for artists and tapas lovers alike along the North East coast. 

With live theatre, visual arts and comedy coming to life in our theatre space, and tapas doing the rounds in our bar - we aim to bring the folk of the bay together. Allowing everyone an opportunity to access art and yummy food, in a chilled out, accessible space.


Standard: £12

Students & Concessions: £8

Job Seekers: £2.50

Step through our doors and who knows who you'll meet. Will it be your hosts, drag trio Bonnie and the Bonnettes? Will it be our starlet on the rise, singer/songwriter MXYM? Will it be the lip-syncing burlesque babe that is Mama Rhi? Or will it be the appetising queen that is Vol-Au-Vent Love? Who knows? But there is one thing you can be sure of, and that is a glitter fueled, foot stomping, pant wetting cabaret riot!